Polymer construction techniques are revolutionising the Marine industry across multiple applications. The non-corrosive properties of our plastic fabrication ensure that fuel is hauled and held more safely, and that water tanks can no longer be compromised by corrosion or fouling. Our plastic fabrication has anti fouling properties, which means there is no need for regular antifoul paint.

Polymer Engineering is the logical choice for the Marine industry, where salt water notoriously corrodes everything it touches. Our production processes can be customised to target your needs, from a bespoke buoy for the weekend hobbyist right through to floating docks, buildings, pontoons, and leisure platforms.

Our thoroughly modern CAD Design and CNC Machining combination make it possible for you to order a fleet of boats or develop an intricate plan for the one boat of your dreams. Additionally, you can order your boat with a tailor-made polymer boat lifter that ties durability to an effortless lift with lightweight materials that give a new definition to the word watertight.