Construction and Civil Engineering benefit significantly from the technological advances that Polymer Engineering is bringing to the table. Our recent work with a new build for the Waikato District Health Board has reduced the inflow of damaging UV with a stylish solution. We utilised a lightweight plastic FIN design that looks great, and its installation was more rapid and cost-effective than what could be achieved with traditional concrete options.

Infinite applications with polymer are available that the roading sector has been quick to uptake. These include intelligent and sleek road barriers that present a polished structure that is markedly easier to clean and maintain than previous iterations.

Limitless possibilities unfold across these sectors as the industry begins to understand the incredible versatility of our design and manufacturing process. We are producing swimming pools and pond linings for commercial and residential use; our water tanks can be customised to fit any space, and our zero corrosion options for septic tanks are revolutionising instals across the country.

Whatever you can imagine, from an architectural sculpture to a bespoke facade feature, Polymer Engineering is excited to hear your ideas and show you how we can make them a reality.