The Agriculture sector is running with the latest innovations from Polymer Engineering. Working hard to offset emissions and run a cleaner, greener operation requires smart thinking. Our polymer solutions are being used to provide fabricated worm farms that can be tailored to any space, and our farm fishing tanks can be drained and cleaned without using harmful chemicals. We are also applying polymer technology to the production of thoroughly modern raised garden beds that will never rot or degrade.

You can let your imagination run wild with ornate planter pots constructed to your design specifications, and we can work with you on a one-off bespoke creation or run your design through at factory production levels in ways that are better for the environment, ensure uniformity, and get to you faster.

The entire field of Agriculture has intelligent approaches for feeding stations, pond linings, and storage for fertilisers and other hazardous materials. Polymer Engineering’s products will withstand the harshest conditions without any risk of corrosion. Enjoy a lightweight solution for moving and storing any number of necessities. Polymer Engineering is making it easier to operate in the rural environment by taking the weight out of your containers.